Developer claims judge has anti-Italian bias

Dec 03, 2016 482

by Jane Musgrave

After waiting six years to take Subway founder Fred DeLuca to court in a multi-million-dollar dispute over a massive real estate deal gone bad, Delray Beach developer Anthony Pugliese claims he can't get a fair shake because of his Italian heritage. Never mind that DeLuca, who died last year of leukemia at age 67, also had Italian roots.

In court papers filed this week, Pugliese is asking the 4th District Court of Appeal to block Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Donald Hafele from presiding over next month's trial over the failed development Destiny. He claims the jurist besmirched his ancestry. At a hearing in October, faced with confusing array of the Italian-sounding names of men who worked for both Pugliese and DeLuca, Hafele said: "There are so many right-hand men with our Italian folks here."

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