Italy Once Again Commits to Beefing Up Commercial Outreach in Atlanta

Jun 18, 2019 861

BY: Trevor Williams

On the surface, it looks like we’ve been here before. Italy’s consul general came to Atlanta in 2016 with the idea of launching a chapter of the Miami-based Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast. In fact, the idea of such an outpost has been circulating since at least 2014, when Global Atlanta first reported on it. The new diplomat in charge of Italy’s ties with the region touched down here this week with the same goal, but with a newfound optimism that this effort will amount to more than words.

Consul General Cristiano Musillo visited Atlanta for his first official trip out of Florida in nine months. Just nine months into his role, Consul General Cristiano Musillo brought the head of the chamber along with Italian Trade Commission Director Andrea Ferrari on his first trip out of Florida. His goal is to underscore how serious the country is about better telling Italy’s story in Georgia.

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