The new Atlanta-chapter Italian-American Chamber of Commerce

May 10, 2020 2187

BY: Ciancia

Our newly appointed Italian Consul in Miami, Cristiano Musillo, is an  offical of great initiative and promotional vigor.  After visiting Atlanta, back in January, Mr. Musillo decided to re-open the local chapter of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce.

The choice of the person leading this new institution could not be better or more appropriately appointed: Eugenio Fumo, President & CEO at JAS Forwarding (USA) Inc., a sector leader for over two decades, is a very experienced business operator, aside from being the perfect gentleman and a natural promoter of Italian industry and commerce. 

The Atlanta Chamber is a local chapter of the Miami Chamber, and provides numerous services, such as marketing and business development, financing opportunities for Italian investments, marketing and promotion, recruiting services, location scouting and more. There are over 70 Italian facilities operating in Georgia. Through Delta Airlines, Alitalia has been in Atlanta for decades and so are FIAT (via its affiliated Chrysler Group, LLC), Pirelli (Rome, GA), JAS, Aquafil, SCM, and many more.

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