“La famiglia è tutto”: what it means to be an Italian language student at PLNU

Apr 30, 2024 201

BY: Sofia Lo Piano

Venice, or Venezia: the elusive city of islands, canals and free-flowing water; a home to mystery, pride and honor.  Venetians have told themselves stories about themselves for hundreds of years — stories of their stable government, autonomous republic and prosperous existence.

This is the myth of Venice. Born out of a republic – “La Serenissima” – that lasted for over one thousand years, this myth has characterized the history and culture of Venice, and it is revealed in its art, theater and opera. Even after the republic’s eventual end, Venetians continue to celebrate the history of their “improbable city.” The symbol of Venice, a winged lion, is displayed on flags throughout the city. 

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SOURCE: https://lomabeat.com

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