Paolo Miliozzi, President of Fondazione Italia, Paladin of Our Language

Jul 18, 2016 1651

Paolo Miliozzi grew up in Civitanova Marche, Adriatic seaport in Italian region of Marche. Strangely enough, historically this area didn't give birth to maritime explorers, as in the case of Venice, lapped by the same Adriatic Sea. Regardless, Civitanova Marche has a strong marine bond, as demonstrated by its annual "Feast of the Sea."

During Paolo's boyhood, one of his heroes was none other than Cristopher Columbus, the most famous Italian sailor and explorer of all times. Upon receiving a fellowship to study microprocessors at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, Miliozzi became the paladin of Italian language and culture in Southern California, serving as President of Fondazione Italia, since 2006.

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Fonte: L'italo-Americano

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