Consider Investing in this Partnership with Loyola University to Preserve our Collective Italian American Heritage

Nov 20, 2015 963

by Dominic Candeloro

Dear friends,

You may have heard about an important initiative underway at Loyola University Chicago. The Italian American community is working together to raise $500,000 to establish an endowed professorship dedicated to an Italian American Studies interdisciplinary program. This program at Loyola is the answer to the question, "who will continue to tell our story?" I hope you will consider investing in this effort to preserve our collective heritage.

As you know so well, the Italian American experience is one of perseverance and pride. Our mothers, fathers, and grandparents traveled to the United States with very little – and yet, they were able to accomplish so much in their lifetime. While our families gave us a warm home, a strong work ethic, and a zest for life, they also, perhaps unknowingly, gave us something greater. They gave us a spirit, an identity, and history all our own by breaking through barriers of language and race to carve out a unique place in America. This rich heritage must be preserved.

Our fundraising deadline is December 31, 2015. We have had a strong show of support from the community, but we are committed to surpassing our fundraising goal and building a robust foundation from which the Italian American Studies program can grow. As a leader in the community, your investment in this initiative would be meaningful and set an example for others in the Italian American community.

With its location in a world-class city that is one of the centers of Italian American culture, prestigious academic reputation, and connection to Italy through its John Felice Rome Center, Loyola University Chicago is the ideal institution to host this professorship and program. The University is so invested in this project they have committed $500,000 to augment our efforts to create the endowed professorship.

Enclosed is more information on our project. I have asked a staff member in the Office of Advancement, Janet Myers, to reach out to you to answer any questions you may have. Please also feel free to contact her directly at (312) 915-7652. I can also be reached at the phone number below.

As we build the foundation of this unique program in Italian American Studies, we need the support of leaders in our community. We hope you will take advantage of this important opportunity to preserve our heritage. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dominic Candeloro, PhD 847-951-9109

Italian American Studies Committee

Adjunct Professor

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