Embracing Italian Language and Culture

Feb 17, 2021 293

In the heart of Wicker Park lives a little hidden gem of a school where children and their families gather to celebrate their love for Italian culture. At Scuola Italiana Enrico Fermi (SIEF), children learn according to the Reggio Emilia tradition in a welcoming and friendly environment, embraced by the Italian culture. Established in 2016, SIEF welcomes preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders, with a plan to grow up to eighth grade.

“Everybody has a reason to connect with SIEF — through one’s own culture, through the appreciation of the Reggio Emilia approach, or through the international environment where children grow as a part of a global community,” says Amy Ewaldt, SIEF director. “We hug and tell stories, we share recipes and celebrations, we tickle each other’s babies. SIEF is a close and welcoming school.”

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SOURCE: https://www.chicagoparent.com

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