Pirandello Lyceum Announces 2015 I Migliori Awardees

Mar 22, 2015 634

Boston's Pirandello Lyceum announced the 2015 recipients of its prestigious "I Migliori in Mens et Gesta" award, the "Best in Mind and Deed." The Board of Governors recognized a group of outstanding Americans of Italian descent who have made important contributions to their profession, to society and to the Italian-American community.

The I Migliori honorees for 2015 are:
Josephine Cuzzi , Management-Leadership
Senator Sal Di Domenico, Public Service
Giuseppe Giangregorio, Italian Community
Alberto Mustone, Italian Culture
Paul Parravano, Education
James F. Pinzino, International Business
Atty. Frank Privitera, Jr. , Law-Philanthropy
President's Award: Rev. Richard C. Messina, Religion

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