2nd Bilingual Fair Is Further Proof That Bilingual Education Is Booming

Sep 29, 2015 2472

The 2nd Bilingual Fair in NYC will be held on October 3, 2015 at Hunter College. For the second year in a row, the bilingual education community will be in a single space. Founder, Emmanuel Saint Martin comments, "Last year we started with the conviction that the demand for bilingual education was stronger than ever. This year's edition is much bigger with many more languages represented. Our children live in a far different world than we did and it's important to be able to speak more than one language. Parents and educators are realizing this and this is becoming the new norm."

Classes are available throughout New York City, in both private and public education. According to Chancellor Carmen Farina, "I dream of a New York City where every child speaks and writes two languages and is a true member of a global citizenry. Dual Language programs make a difference for students and families in our increasingly globalized world. Speaking multiple languages and understanding different cultures is an asset for students, families, schools and our entire city, and they're critical skills students will need for highly coveted 21st century jobs." IACE (Italian Committee on Education) is partner of this event.

The Education Office at the Italian Consulate General, IACE, and FIAO (Federation of Italian American Organizations) are committed to developing a dual language Italian class program because they are firmly convinced that it is a great way to reconnect the Italian American new generations to their roots and an important opportunity to promote Italian culture, history, excellence and way of life.

On this special occasion, they will organize the workshop "Italian: how bilingual education can reconnect Italian Americans to their roots" that will be held t 11.15am (*). During the workshop the perspective of development of the program will be discussed. The first Italian Dual Language class in NYC has just started in Brooklyn, at Bensonhurst P.S. 768, connected with P.S. 112, led by Principal Jack Spatola and Principal Louise Verdemare-Alfano.

The other exhibitors and specific roundtable discussions will address:

· Which language should we speak at home?
· What if he/she mixes languages?
· Where can I find other families who speak the same language?
· How should I choose a school for my bilingual child?
· How to help your kids in a language you don't know
· Learning Mandarin: How they can do it!

More than 80 schools (in 8 languages), publishers, educators, businesses and experts that practice and promote bilingual education in languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and more will be on hand at this interactive, fun-filled event to answer your questions. Childcare will be available all day long as well as many educational activities to keep the children active and engaged.


In the past, in order to let their children integrate, Italian American families did not teach them Italian.
Now things have completely changed, and more and more young Italian Americans, recognizing the importance of being reconnected to their roots, want to take back their linguistic and cultural legacy.
The aim of the workshop, led by the Education Office at the Consulate General in New York, IACE (Italian American Committee on Education) and FIAO (Federation of Italian American Organizations) is to provide instruction for the many families who are willing to enroll their children in an Italian Dual Language class and help them discover the great contribution given by Italians to the development of the western culture.
Art, Music, Fashion, Food, Science, Technology, Literature, Cinema, Way of Life, together with "La Bella Lingua".

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