Bilingual Students At La Scuola D’Italia Carrying On Families’ Italian Heritage

Oct 30, 2021 488

BY: Jenna DeAngelis

As Italian Heritage Month wraps up, we’re taking a close look at what some families are doing to not only carry on Italian culture, but the language. CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis spoke with those holding onto the heritage at home. Speaking Italian over breakfast is the norm for the Inghirami family. At just 13 years old, Sofia Inghirami is fluent in two languages.

“It helps you in the world to know different languages and be aware of other people around you,” Sofia said. It’s a lesson taught by her parents. Her mother is a native New Yorker with roots in Nicaragua. Her father was born and raised in Italy. “We are really open to the world and this is what is important. Knowing the language allows you really to understand the details in the culture,” said Giorgio Inghirami.

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