Italian Fairy Visits PS 36 The J. C. Drumgoole School: A Magical Journey into Language and Culture

Mar 06, 2024 1911

Students at PS 36 School in Staten Island were in for a delightful surprise when an unexpected guest flew onto the stage during their kindergarten class. It was none other than the beloved Italian fairy, making a special appearance to enchant the young learners with the magic of language and culture.

The kindergarten classes at PS 36 are part of an exploratory program designed to introduce students to the Italian language. Principal Ms. Barbara Bellafatto and teachers, Ms.Laura Barbarino, Mrs. Nancy Riggio and Ms. Tina Barone expressed great  pride in the program and they are hoping for its evolution into a dual language program in the near future.

They also eagerly anticipated the possibility of inviting Simona Rodano to conduct one of her highly successful in-residency programs. When the Italian Fairy made her grand entrance, the excitement among the children was palpable. They couldn't believe their eyes as one of their favorite characters came to life before them.

As the Italian fairy began her interactive lesson, which involved "magical movements" corresponding to different colors in Italian, the children eagerly joined in. What started as a surprise quickly turned into an immersive learning experience, with the students enthusiastically repeating the names of colors in Italian.

The highlight of the event came when the Italian fairy led the children in singing some of her popular songs. The room was filled with joy and laughter as the young audience enthusiastically sang along, fully embracing the magic of the moment.

But the surprises didn't end there. International award-winning performer Pasqualino Beltempo took the stage, bringing the world of “Commedia dell’Arte” to life with his captivating performances as Arlecchino and Pulcinella. Some children had the opportunity to join Pulcinella on stage, accompanying him with tambourines.

Before bidding farewell, the Italian fairy left the students with an important message: learning languages and exploring different cultures not only enriches our lives but also helps to foster peace and happiness in the world. She encouraged the children to continue their language studies and promised to return to check on their progress.

As the Italian fairy soared back into the skies, she left behind a room filled with inspired young minds, eager to continue their journey into the wonders of language and culture. And for the students of PS 36, this magical encounter will surely be a cherished memory for years to come!

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