U-E students say 'benvenuto' to Italian peers

Oct 08, 2013 474

Compared to the amount of time Sam Sylvester has been speaking English, his entire life, his Italian is relatively new. "I've been learning it for four or five years, I think," Sylvester said.

His skills were put to the test last spring when he traveled with 11 of his classmates to Italy.

"When I got there, how it looks is how I expected, but it was a big culture shock because I'm used to English all the time and nobody spoke English, so that was a big change," Sylvester said.

Sylvester wasn't the only one who felt a bit out of place. Aurora Hollenbeck was a little surprised to discover how Italians lived their everyday lives.

"They walk everywhere and they eat healthier foods and they're schooling is different and their cars are different," Hollenbeck said.

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Source: http://centralny.ynn.com

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