The Fascinating Da Vinci: Machines & Robotics Exhibit Just Opened In Miami

Feb 04, 2024 469

BY: Marie-Angéle Zoungrana

When it comes to Leonardo Da Vinci, you might think you know all there is to know. Well, prepare to be proven wrong at Da Vinci: Machines & Robotics. Did you know, for example, that Da Vinci’s behind the first ever helicopter? Covering dozens of experiments and inventions, Da Vinci’s sketches laid the groundwork for so many of the daily machines we use today. 

Da Vinci: Machines & Robotics features over 60 installations — each shedding light on the mastermind’s incredible works. As you navigate through the exhibit, prepare to be amazed at the inventor and his many ideas. Grab tickets for Da Vinci: Machines & Robotics, and get an inside look into some of the world’s most revolutionary discoveries.

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