Florida school principal fired for showing students Michelangelo's David

Mar 25, 2023 451

A school principal in Florida has been fired following parental complaints that children were exposed to pornography after being shown Michelangelo’s iconic statue of David. The incident occurred at Tallahassee Classical School following a Renaissance art lesson which included images of the David statue as well as Michelangelo's Birth of Adam and Botticelli's Birth of Venus.

This led to complaints from parents, with one claiming the students in sixth grade were shown pornographic material, and others saying they should have been informed in advance about the nature of the lesson. The school board told principal Hope Carrasaquilla to either resign or be fired, local media reported, however the board’s chair Barney Bishop told HuffPost that the art lesson was "one of several issues" with the school head.

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SOURCE: https://www.wantedinrome.com

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