LaGrange College History Professor to share new finds on Etruscan civilization

Jan 20, 2023 189

Dr. Kevin Shirley can’t help but agree when someone says, “You make history come alive.” The veteran professor isn’t being immodest. “History seems alive because history is alive!” he said. “It’s a living, breathing thing. History is constantly being rewritten by new excavations, new discoveries and new translations. That’s the appeal of the discipline.” 

He aims to demonstrate that “aliveness” as kickoff speaker for 3D Journeys, LaGrange College’s travel and lecture series which begins its 13th season on Monday, Jan. 23, at 10 a.m., in Callaway Auditorium. The 2023 lectures will focus on Tuscany, the spectacularly beautiful Italian region known as the birthplace of the Renaissance. An optional May trip to Tuscany will be hosted by President Susanna Baxter and First Gentleman Mark Huffman. 

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