Italian studies minor is back

Jun 01, 2018 1210

BY: Ricky Thomas Jr.

As a sign of continued recovery from the Great Recession, the University of Nevada, Reno has revived some course offerings, including Italian studies. Beginning this fall, the Department of World Languages & Literature in the College of Liberal Arts will offer an Italian studies minor. The minor's courses include Italian language through film, conversation classes, culture and an interdisciplinary course on Contemporary Italy.

"Choosing the Italian minor will help students studying music, art, cuisine or civilization," Italian adjunct instructor and course coordinator Costantina Cunningham said. "Knowing Italian will enable you to better understand the language, and many large, multinational corporations - such as General Electric, Chrysler, IBM, Exxon mobil and Citibank - do business and have offices in America and seek those who speak Italian."

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