We the Italians Gala 2023

We the Italians Gala 2023

Feb 19, 2023 4698 ITA ENG

The second We the Italians gala dinner will be held on Monday, June 12, 2023 starting at 8 p.m. in Rome at the prestigious Circolo del Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Lungotevere dell'Acqua Acetosa, 42. Video and photos of the first Gala, held on June 20, 2022, are available here.

Once again this year our gala will be an exclusive event celebrating the relationship between Italy and the United States, with institutional figures and guests of honor, and in the presence of the board of the most important organization representing the 20 million Italian Americans, the National Italian American Foundation. As part of its relationship with the hundreds of cultural, museum, commercial and academic organizations, associations and institutions that represent Italy in the United States, a highly collaborative relationship ties We the Italians to the NIAF.

The evening will be the highest moment of celebration of the contribution that our Italian emigrants in the United States have made to American society, culture and economy. There will be a few little surprises, an excellent dinner in a prestigious location, and a chance to engage with those on both sides of the Atlantic who care deeply about relations between Italy and the United States.

This year there will be four personalities honored with the Two Flags One Heart Award 2023

Dario Deste, General manager of the Military Ships Division of FINCANTIERI

Giulia Silvia Ghia, Councillor for Culture of the I Municipality of Rome

Giampiero Massolo, President of the COMITATO PROMOTORE ROMA 2030 

Gioia Rau, Astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

For security reasons, it is mandatory to RSVP and buy your tickets by June 10, 2023 with an email to [email protected]. The entrance fee for the cocktail network and dinner is €150 and must be purchased prior to arrival at the location.

As part of the June 12 evening, and the campaign that will promote it, we have some visibility opportunities for partners who will have the pleasure of accompanying us, with two modes of participation: platinum and gold. In both cases, the tables will be 10 seats, with 8 of the sponsor's choice + two NIAF board members.

Promotion to the Italian American community will take place through a campaign activated on our social accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Also included in the offer we propose are the presence for a few months of a banner on our home page, for one month on the newsletter that reaches 100,000 contacts in the United States, and an advertising page in our magazine. The number of months the banner will be on the home page and the page in the magazine will vary depending on the type of table that is purchased. The platinum sponsor will have the banner on the home page for and the adv page in the magazine for 6 months, for the gold sponsor the months will be 3.

Finally, the visibility of the partners will be ensured on all promotional and communication materials of the evening: the logo on the roll up at the entrance, the presence on the book of the evening (one page for platinum sponsors, half page for gold sponsors) and the possibility of including a brochure and/or gadget in the gift bag that will be distributed to all participants.

For platinum sponsor the cost of the table is €5,000, for gold it is €3,000.

Dresscode: elegant. Like last year, the gala will be held in English.

For more information and to purchase tickets and tables please email [email protected]


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