A Venetian in Los Angeles: Ugo Mamolo on Cakes, Bakes and Benê’s Bakery

Jul 25, 2015 455

by Elisabetta Santi

Walking into Gelson's Market, on Laurel Canyon Blvd., the first thing that greets the eye is the 'Coffee & Pastries' sign. The man behind these pastries is Trieste-born, Ugo Mamolo, who owns Viktor Benês Bakery. His creations are some of Los Angeles' favorite pasticcini, hence their availability at 15 Gelson's locations across the city. The quality and variety of his pastries is unmatchable owing to it's almost one-hundred-year-old heritage of Europe's finest pastry making.

Multi-coloured macaroons, cream-filled cannoli, alligator cake, chocolate glassy-glazed cakes, éclairs and cookies line up behind polished glass to exhibit Ugo Mamolo's finest dolci.

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