At Caterina’s Club “If pasta is too good, you will eat fast and get more”

Sep 07, 2015 1116

by Elisabetta Russo

"Bruno Serato is a wonderful helper, he works at a restaurant called the White House." "He is a loving, caring man, who helps people in need. He loves kids and also gives them food." "Bruno Serato is a chef, who cooks the best pasta ever!" "I met him because he helped me and my family."

"Bruno Serato cooks spaghetti for me. If you want, you can have more and even take some home, because he's a nice guy." Mark, Jessica, Arthur, Alicia, and Bella represent the 1,200 children, who are served free healthy meals every day by Italian chef Bruno Serato, named CNN Hero Of The Year in 2011.

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