Buono’s Pizzeria celebrating 50 years of authentic Italian cuisine

Nov 13, 2023 662

BY: Samantha Diaz

Walking into Buono’s Pizzeria, one is seamlessly transported from the bustling Wrigley neighborhood to a quiet, cozy Italian restaurant that planted its roots in Long Beach 43 years ago. From the soft, Italian music playing overhead to the dozens of black and white photos of famous Italians looking down on customers—the restaurant begs families to scootch into its vinyl booths and make themselves at home. 

For Frank Buono, who has been working in the shop through its early iterations and many expansions since he was 9 years old, the shop doesn’t just feel like home, it is home. Frank is the eldest of the three siblings and now runs the shop with his younger brother, George. 

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SOURCE: https://sigtrib.com

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