Little Italy Hed

Jul 15, 2015 641

As he has on most nights for the last 46 years, Nick Pecoraro was watching the world go by on Wednesday from the porch of his ornately embellished two-story house on India Street, right at the foot of the Little Italy sign. The Sicilian-born Pecoraro, 73, is a reigning member of the historic neighborhood's old guard, as much of a fixture as the sign itself.

And he's not going anywhere, even if he knows he's sitting on gold-leaf-adorned gold mine. "Money? There is no money for this. You can't put a value on this," he says, pointing to the bustle on the street. "I love the people, I love the noise.... I don't need to watch TV with the fake people. The fake people, they don't talk to you. I've got the real people right here.

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