Mangia! ‘Taste of Italy Los Angeles' will spotlight local pizza, pasta, and Prosecco

Sep 06, 2023 200

BY: Alysia Gray Painter

There's a reason that the words "enchantment" and "evening" and "eating" so frequently appear in a single sentence, and it isn't totally due to them all alliteratively sharing the same first letter. Mostly, it is because the timeless act of dining outdoors as the stars are beginning their nightly twinkle-twinkle is something that humans have enjoyed — yet another "e" word that is so apt — for countless years.

Add early autumn to the equation and you've got something truly special. The team behind the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles has long embraced this festive fact, giving those Southern Californians who adore great Italian food, community, and starlight a chance to savor all of these elements over one enchanted evening.

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