M'Tucci's expands to new location in Nob Hill

Dec 03, 2021 259

Many restaurants are cautiously returning to business after pandemic-related economic consequences. But one local Italian chain is expanding and they are setting up shop in a part of town that has had its history of troubles. "So the cool thing about that pasta machine you can put on different cutters, or different dyes,” said Shawn Cronin, M’Tucci’s managing partner. 

The new space for M'Tucci's used to store things like old kegs but now it's a 1,800 square foot carb-creating castle. "We take it seriously, I mean, we'd rather create jobs and do everything the right way from scratch then try to get it pre-done," Cronin said. "Our whole goal is to try and get our products into more stores."

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SOURCE: https://www.kob.com/

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