VINO e PIZZA, a Presentation and Tasting of Italian Wines

Apr 10, 2018 364

Cari Amici – Dear Friends,

it is with the greatest pleasure that we announce this special event.  With the title of Vino e Pizza, a Presentation and Tasting of Italian Wines, we are proposing the unusual joining of two  traditional Italian culinary icons: The multi-flavored pizza much- loved by everyone all over the world and three excellent iconic Italian red wines from the wine regions of Piemonte (Piedmont), Veneto and Toscana (Tuscany).  Amazingly, it is a great combination!

Here is the event as described by our own “Sommelier”,  Joel Garbarino, who is also one of our Board Members:

The presentation will include a bit of history, wines by region and the best vintages by year. Following the presentation, we will taste three wines from Italy, preceded by a brief discussion of the characteristics of each wine. The wines will include one  from Piemonte, a second from Veneto and a third from Toscana (one of the best Italy offers, a Brunello!). The wines will be served with multi-flavored pizzas.

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