Big man in Little Italy Tom Iacoboni dishes on his love of food and family

Nov 07, 2013 974

For a number of years I've been on the Tom Iacoboni's email listserve on all things Italian.

The listserve started when Tom managed the mailing list for two Italian organizations, and has now grown to more than 6,000 subscribers who receive his notifications on events, job opportunities and fundraisers. He chaired Little Italy's Columbus Day parade for 10 years and is involved in numerous Italian organizations, including the Sons of Italy and the Italian-American Civic Club.

As I was preparing to meet him for my next "Lunch With" profile, I realized that I had only met Tom once, for a fleeting moment, years ago. As I crossed Eastern Avenue, I saw a trim, well-dressed gentleman with thick dark hair and average height standing outside and talking on his smart phone. The man, whom I assumed was Tom, gave me a big smile as I approached.

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