Four to Pour: Don Ciccio & Figli

Jun 12, 2018 499

Today we begin a new series of wine, beer and spirits recommendations, in no small part because my review shelf is starting to bow under the weight of multiple bottles, and I know you could always use some good drinking advice. This week’s products all come from a small-batch liqueur company out of Washington, D.C., called Don Ciccio & Figli.

In 1883, an Italian man named Vincenzo Amodeo began crafting spirits in his small house in Atrani, one of the main towns in the popular and picturesque Amalfi Coast of southwestern Italy. He operated his company for more than four decades until World War II forced him to close. In 1951, his son Francesco “Don Ciccio” Amodeo restarted the distillery with his brother-in-law, and they ran it until a major earthquake in 1980 destroyed the distillery and the groves of lemon trees that were integral to the production of the primary liqueur product of Amalfi, limoncello.

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