Little Italy Farmer's Market Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Community Gem

Jul 08, 2023 495

BY: Kara Coleman

It's a big summer for the Little Italy Farmers Market, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. For sisters Anastasia and Aliechia Post, farming is a long-standing family tradition. "It started in the late 1800s with potatoes and oats," said Anastasia. "One year potatoes, one year oats. And we've always had apple trees."

And bringing their produce to local farmer's markets, like the one in the heart of Erie's Little Italy, is in turn, keeping another family tradition alive. "Even back during World War II, our family would bring a truck to Erie and get people to come out to the farm to pick apples and get potatoes," said Anastasia. "So, it's been part of our family tradition to continue to help serve people who don't have access to this sort of stuff."

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