Lidia Bastianich hosts Boys Grow benefit dinner

Oct 06, 2015 708

by Jill Wendholt Silva

"What's up?" Italian-born chef Lidia Bastianich asks the rooster that lightly pecks at her sandals. "You know, you'd make a good sauce!" At the start of the week she was cooking risotto for Pope Francis and by the end hosting her third annual benefit dinner at the Boys Grow Farm in Grandview.

Bastianich grew up on a farm plucking chickens and milking goats. She's equally enthusiastic to learn of her namesake, Lidia, a goat frolicking in a nearby pen. Farm director John Gordon Jr. explains that goat Lidia had a fling with billy goat Jay-Z. Beyonce, the other female goat, is reportedly none too happy.

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