Pasta La Fata’s first brick-and-mortar shop will open in June, offering Italian staples and to-go meals alike

May 27, 2022 211

BY: Jessica Vaughn Martin

In Columbia, Michelle “Shelly” La Fata, owner of Pasta La Fata, is beginning the next chapter of her food story with the opening of her brick-and-mortar shop and deli. For the last several years, La Fata and her team have handcrafted pasta and other Italian-style delicacies for sale at the Columbia Farmers Market and other pop-up venues. With the opening of her shop, she’s expanding her crew, hours and creative capacity to serve flavorful Italian fare to her local community.

Once the shop opens – she’s shooting for the first week of June – patrons can pop in Wednesday through Saturday to buy fresh or frozen pasta, desserts, dry goods and more. Mirroring traditional Italian delis, here wood shelves are stocked with a beautifully curated selection of Italian kitchen essentials: olive oil, canned tomatoes, jarred olives and even kitchen tools.

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