That’s amore: Ragazza Food & Wine is a cozy midtown hangout with tempting Italian fare

Jun 21, 2019 472

BY: Vivienne Peters

You know how much fun it is to watch your babies grow up? It’s bittersweet but also empowering to see them take on the world. That has to be how Laura Norris feels now that her baby, formerly known as Cucina Della Ragazza, has reopened to great fanfare as Ragazza Food & Wine at 4301 Main St. in midtown Kansas City.

When Norris opened the Italian restaurant in 2014, it had 40 seats and a handful of family recipes. Now, Ragazza has 100 seats, those same family recipes, and the culinary prowess of executive chef James Landis. The restaurant and wine bar is right around the corner from the original location. It’s twice the size, but still feels cozy because the dining room is divided by a bar. 

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