At Strega in Branford, Italian Cuisine is Served Seasonal, Fresh and Healthy

Jul 30, 2019 270

BY: Mike Wollschlager

The word “authentic” gets thrown around quite a bit in the culinary world. When Danilo Mongillo, the owner of Strega in Branford, lived in Italy, he was a police officer for the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. It was his job to protect the integrity of any product that had “Made in Italy” on the label.

Not only did Mongillo develop a vast knowledge and appreciation for wine, olive oil, tomatoes and cheese, but he built connections that ensure when the plane from Italy touches down in New York City every Wednesday, only fresh, authentic ingredients will be making their way up I-95 to Branford. “Italy is beautiful. Italian food is healthy. It’s gotta be healthy, it’s gotta be fresh, it’s gotta be seasonal,” Mongillo says. “The Mediterranean is so crazy. … Every month, nature gives you something.”

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