Exclusive Interview: VIA VAI Executive Chef Owner Antonio Morichini

Jul 06, 2015 1064

By Loraine Stupakoff

After completing culinary school in the Peidmont region of north Italy, Antonio Morichini started his career in a restaurant in the seaside town of Chiavari in Liguria (northern Italy), the Lord Nelson Pub. There, he worked with the freshest fish and the traditional food of that region.

Antonio returned to his native Rome, and after many years of working on the line and then as sous chef at Michelin-starred restaurants in Rome (Il Convivio Troiani (Chef Angelo Troiani), Glass Hostaria (Chef Cristina Bowerman), Acquolina (then-Chef Giulio Terrinoni) — he moved to New York with his American-born wife and two small children.

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Source: http://www.italialiving.com/

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