Where to Find Specialty Easter Offerings in Bronx Little Italy

Mar 23, 2024 1055

From meats to sweets to spirits, the neighborhood provides a one-stop-shop for everyone’s Easter needs. Below are some of the holiday offerings from various family-owned businesses and local shops that are sure to make any Easter celebration “egg-stra” special.

Easter Egg Bread from Addeo & Sons BakeryMadonia Bakery & Terranova Bakery – The bakeries of Bronx Little Italy are world-renowned for their freshness, and Easter Egg Bread is no exception. Made with Italian woven and glazed enriched dough, this festive bread traditionally features colorful hardboiled egg “baskets,” making it a beautiful Easter table centerpiece as well as the perfect sweet treat.

Pizza Rustica & Basket Cheese from Joe’s Italian DeliTino’s Deli & Catering, and Mike’s Deli – Pizza Rustica is a dense and savory Italian Easter Pie stuffed with a variety of meats, cheeses, and eggs. The delis also offer basket cheese, a traditional Easter cheese made with fresh cow’s milk which gets its name from the basket it is formed in. Shipping and delivery are available from Mike’s Deli.

Traditional Easter Meat from Biancardi’s Meat MarketPeter’s Meat Market, and Vincent’s Meat Market – Head to Biancardi’s, Peter’s or Vincent’s to get your traditional Easter meats, including baby lamb, legs of lamb, and baby goats. A show-stopping roast found at these establishments makes for delectable star of your Easter meal as well. Shipping is available from Vincent’s Meat Market.

An Assortment of Cake, Pastries, and Sweets – The aromas from neighborhood pastry shops are so irresistible, it is hard to choose just one! Must-tries are the traditional Italian Grain/Wheat Cheesecake from Artuso Pastry Shop, assorted pastries from DeLillo Pastry Shop, cannoli from Egidio Pastry Shop, marzipan lambs from Gino’s Pastry Shop, and struffoli, or “honey balls”, from Morrone Pastry Shop and Café. Even sweeter – delivery and shipping is available at Artuso Pastry and Delillo Pastry (on select products), and Gino’s Pastry offers shipping on select products.

Chocolate Easter Eggs from Cerini Coffee & Gifts, and Marie’s Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans & Gifts – Looking to fill up Easter baskets for the kids or to set up your egg hunt? Leading up to the holiday, customers can find a plethora of Chocolate Easter Eggs in a variety of chocolates, fillings, and even some filled with toys at Cerini Coffee & Gifts and Marie’s Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans & Gifts.

Ravioli & Pasta from Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles and Enzo’s On-the-Go – Nothing says an Italian feast quite like pasta! Borgatti’s is offering (and shipping) freshly made manicotti, ravioli, and Easter-favorite lasagna. In addition, a “to-go” version of a neighborhood favorite, Enzo’s, will be selling a variety of their own fresh pasta including fussili and gnocchi from their convenient location in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market.

Fresh Seafood from Randazzo’s Seafood and Cosenza’s Fish Market – For those who abstain from meat during Lent, both Randazzo’s Seafood and Cosenza’s Fish Market on Arthur Avenue offer an extensive variety of fresh seafood including shrimp, branzino, octopus, calamari, mussels, eels, clams, and lobster.

Holiday “Spirit” at Arthur Cantina Wine & Liquor and Mount Carmel Wine & Spirits – Wine & liquor stores in Bronx Little Italy carry an array of fine wines and liquors including traditional Italian favorites. The knowledgeable staff are also available to make great pairing recommendations for your Easter meal.  

Whether you are preparing for Good Friday, Palm Sunday, and Easter gatherings, or just looking to enjoy the warm Spring sunshine, it’s a very “hoppy” time to visit the neighborhood, as this is one of the busiest holiday seasons in Bronx Little Italy for shopping and dining.

SOURCE: Bronx Little Italy

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