Team behind Via Emilia 9 open new restaurant in Midtown Miami

Jun 27, 2019 380

BY: Chris Van Vliet

If you love good Italian food, you’re probably familiar with Via Emilia 9 on South Beach. Now, the team behind it has a new spot, and they’re serving up food with some kicks. It’s hard not to feel at home at Via Emilia Garden. The new restaurant in Midtown Miami is taking a fresh approach when it comes to Italian food, and we guess you could say it’s got them rolling in dough.

Valentina Imbrenda, Via Emilia Garden: “All our pastas are homemade. We make, on average, I would say 10 to 15 different types of pasta.” The food here couldn’t get any fresher, and it’s not just the pasta we’re talking about. This restaurant also lets you personally pick out the meat that you wanna eat.

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