10 Packing Tips for A Woman’s Italy Trip

Sep 15, 2021 406

BY: Susan Van Allen

Along with joyful anticipation, when packing for a trip to Italy, panic may ensue.

Here are Ten Tips to bring back the fun.

1. Pack light. Dragging a heavy suitcase through an airport or up train steps drags down your trip. Choose versatile clothes within a color scheme to easily mix and match, stick to travel size toiletries, and load books, guides, etc. on your phone or tablet so as not to add any extra weight.

2. Go for tailored quality basics, and a touch of formality. Italian women set a beautiful example for us, wearing quality basics, that are comfortable, classic, and well-fitted.  Their style is slightly more formal—for example gym clothes are just for the gym, and shorts are just for the beach.

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SOURCE: https://www.italymagazine.com/

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