10 reasons to visit Ferrara

Jul 31, 2019 764

The first modern city and one of the culturally most important Italian Renaissance city states, Ferrara was one of the European capitals of culture, arts, politics, gastronomy, in addition to being a reference point for artists, poets and minstrels. The Estense dynasty was a great family of eccentric and well-educated patrons which transformed a rural centre in a Renaissance masterpiece declared a World Heritage Site in just the space of three centuries. Under the Este domination in fact, Ferrara experienced its golden age, hosting the most important contemporary artistic and literary figures and playing a key role in many fields.

The Estense Castle

Thanks to its impressive fourteenth century grandeur symbolising the balanced power of one of the most important European families, the Estense Castle represents the city of Ferrara throughout the world. Its imposing castle walls were the backdrop for the events, deeds, love tangles and whims of the many figures who marked the history of the Este family; a history which can still be felt in the splendid rooms of a monument which has lived a double life: first an impregnable castle, then a splendid and enviable court palace.

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