20 Pilgrimage Sites To Discover on the Via Francigena

Nov 29, 2023 284

While it doesn’t have the same name recognition as Spain’s Camino de Santiago, the Via Francigena is considered to have some of Europe’s most iconic pilgrimage sites. The 1100-mile journey traces the route Archbishop Sigeric the Serious took in 990 A.D. as he traveled from Canterbury to Rome. Because the full journey requires a hefty time commitment, the vast majority of pilgrim walkers choose to begin their journey in Switzerland or Italy. 

This classic medieval pilgrimage presents those who travel with an opportunity to reflect, seek answers, heal, grow, practice gratitude, celebrate, commune with others, and discover. While many pilgrims choose to stop at churches along the way, the vast majority will tell you that some of the most memorable moments of their journey took place outdoors. 

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SOURCE: https://savoteur.com

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