The 5 things to see in Marche that you surely don't know

Mar 17, 2021 395

Marche is the region of Giacomo Leopardi, Valentino Rossi and Raffaello Sanzio. It is neither north or sud, it’s located to the east, on the Adriatic Sea. In the green and hilly Marche, there are seemingly unknown places, full of history and charm. in this article you will find 5 things to see in Marche. We bet you’ve never seen them?

Lame Rosse

Near the Lake of Fiastra, nestled in the hills, in a mountainous background, there is a small, real grand canyon. Put on your hiking shoes, park the car near Fiastra’s lake and start walking! After a short uphill walk through the oaks and dog roses, you will be in front of reddish-coloured pinnacles of rock.

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