Adriano Ducati & Fabio Taglioni. The creative foundation of Italian motorcycling

Jan 02, 2022 504

BY: Luca Cottini

This is the story of Ducati, a legendary brand in Italian motorcycling, which started in the 1920s from the work of the radio pioneer Adriano Cavalieri Ducati and developed after the war with the creative design of visionary engineer Fabio Taglioni. So how did the greatest Italian manufacturer of radio parts become the most important producer of motorbikes?

Here is my story of the two innovators behind Ducati’s global success. Here is the fascinating path of a company which, like a great book, outlasted its founders and became a legend. WATCH THE EPISODE HERE. I hope you will enjoy the new episode! May this 2022 be a year of new growth and exciting discoveries for everyone! With gratitude for your continuous support, Luca

SOURCE: Italian Innovators

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