Adventure in the Apennines

Jan 04, 2019 1044

BY: Julia Pennella

The Apennine Mountains have been a place of passage for everyone from the Ancient Romans to Second World War soldiers. “Hiking in the Apennines is walking through living history,” says Veron McClure, founder of Italiaoutdoors. “The different ecozones and ancient routes offer a different perspective of Italy, a more authentic experience of history and culture rooted in nature.”

The Apennine Campano above Sorrento offers a variety of rocky and rough hiking trails ideal for adventure seekers. “Rock climbing and bouldering is also part of the growing trend of outdoor adventure in the Apennines,” says McClure. The Apennine’s high-quality limestone and granite attracts climbers from all over the world. “Seeing the unspoiled places off the beaten track and experiencing a simpler lifestyle preserved by locals living in the mountains is something you cannot find anywhere else in the world,” he says. “It’s the heart of Italian authenticity.”

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