AirBnB: can it repopulate the Italian countryside?

Feb 06, 2019 134


You’re young, smart and hold a prestigious degree: the world is at your feet! Or not, because employment opportunities are meagre and you’re still struggling with reaching the end of the month, when you aren’t just living off your parents, at home. Or you may be a trendy professional, well paid and successful, but dangerously close to burning out. You may be curious and in need of some change in your life, just…well, just because. These seem all perfectly decent reasons to try something different and seek a  life changing  experience. 

So, picture this: an idyllic southern Italian village, perched on top of a hill, beautifully nestled within one of Italy’s most picturesque regions and only a stone-throw away from Matera, this year’s European capital of culture. Imagine you could move there for three months and learn all about the way its people have been living for centuries: craftsmanship, agriculture, food.  Everything you can think of, you’ll learn. And you’ll stay there rent free.

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