Amazing Filippo Ganna! Regains 2 seconds in three laps and is world pursuit champion

Aug 07, 2023 341

Filippo Ganna has written another wonderful page in the novel of his legendary career. With a comeback bordering on the human, the Italian phenomenon beat Britain's Dan Bigham in the final of the individual pursuit to become World Cycling Champion in Gasgow, Scotland. For him, therefore, it is the sixth world title in the specialty, a figure that increasingly consolidates his status as the best pursuer ever.

What is incredible, however, is the way Ganna managed to take the rainbow title. The Italian is certainly no stranger to "controlled" starts and devastating finishes, but today he took this race strategy to its extreme, risking big time to have to surrender to the Briton.

At the first kilometer Ganna was in fact behind by 7 tenths, a gap that could hardly worry him. Then at 2000 meters the gap in the Briton's favor had exactly doubled, rising to 1"470. A shiver ran down the spines of the Italian fans when the stopwatch at 3 km said Ganna was more than two seconds behind.

From there began the resounding comeback of "Top Ganna": nibbled first a tenth, then two, then something more until arriving at the last 500 meters with a gap of 1"700. An unbridgeable delay for anyone, but not for him. 7 tenths recovered in the penultimate lap and the last lap every beyond human limit to recover the second that was missing. At the finish line the advantage of the blue will be just 54 thousandths.

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