Autumn in Barbagia

Sep 02, 2019 328

Every year Sardinia celebrates the food festival called, “Autumn in Barbagia”. It involves many cities in the heart of the island, whose inhabitants literally open their houses to welcome guests and tourists who’d like to taste local food and wine. Is that paradise? Yes, a kind of. The 2019 edition is ready to get started and it will be running from September 7th to December 15th. That’s a big opportunity to find out more about the traditions, history and flavours, culture and food of the area called Barbagia – the central region of Sardinia.

Not only is Sardinia famed for their sea – but it offers much more than that. Autumn in Barbagia is an enchanted food marathon which brings together locals and tourists on the hunt of local tradition and cuisine. Many find it fascinating because you can have a chat and interact with the inhabitants of each city. 

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