The beginner’s guide to Maserati

Jul 21, 2021 167

BY: Craig Jamieson

Welcome to Maserati, the car company never content with just doing one thing. Race car supremos? Maserati’s done that. Ultra-luxe touring cars for people who are as rich as Croesus? Done that too. Tech-heavy supercars? Yup. Pieces of wantonly overpriced, worryingly under-engineered crap? Check. Back to doing luxe cars for the regular-strength rich? Yeah, why not?

Maserati started making cars all the way back in 1914, which, as years go, is about as inauspicious as they get. Kind of like opening a pub in 2020. But after the First World War, and then the flu pandemic, then the Great Depression, and then the Second World War, Maserati had everything in place needed to build some astonishing cars, win a bevy of races, and... run out of money and get bought up by Citroen. But hey, Citroen-era Masers are amazing, too, so it’s not all bad.

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