Bicycle tourism in Italy is getting up to speed

Aug 30, 2015 651

by Laura Dominici

Cycling vacations are increasingly popular in Europe, and Italy is getting up to speed. Bicycle touring generates €44 billion in Europe, if you add in all the related activities. In Italy it has a potential value of €3.2 billion, and is growing at a steady pace.

With 2,728,600 models produced in 2014, a growth of 2.1% from the previous year, Italy is the top bicycle manufacturer in Europe, according to the ANCMA trade group. But Italy is still more associated with beach or mountain holidays than cycling trips. That is changing. In Emilia Romagna, ten bike clubs have joined together in a consortium to create Terrabici. In a year, the region has had 300,000 arrivals (85% foreigners).

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Fonte: Italy24


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