Bologna the Red: Travel experts name this Medieval jewel the world’s most underrated city

Aug 27, 2023 224

BY: Jeanne Outlaw-Cannavo

Bologna is about to be “discovered.” Over 175 travel experts recently named it the most underrated city in the world which is poised to become the new “hot spot” for travelers. Bologna is the capital of the region of Emilia Romagna and is located north of Florence between the Reno and Savena rivers.

It is the seventh most populous city in Italy, with about 400,000 inhabitants and 150 different nationalities. It is often referred to as La Rossa (for its Spanish-style red tiled roofs and beautiful earth tones of its walls). The city also became associated with the color red because of the political atmosphere since the local government was strongly socialist/anti-fascist from the second world war to the brink of the millennium.

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