Bologna’s “Quadrilatero”: Since Medieval Times, a Mecca for Food and Culture

Aug 23, 2023 217

BY: Grace Russo Bullaro

Who doesn’t know that Italy is one of the global food meccas? There are people who visit the country just so they can enjoy its astounding variety; from the butter-based cuisine of the north to the renowned “red” tomato-based of the south, there is a glorious experience awaiting the tourist at every mealtime. 

Nominated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage element in March 2023, the list of Italian culinary stars seems to be endless: pasta, pizza, polenta, risotto, gelato, these are just a few. In the midst of such a rich and competitive field, Bologna, the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, is widely acknowledged as foodie heaven and the Quadrilatero is its epicenter. 

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