Carlo Giacosa, Feudi di San Gregorio, Cavallotto at the top of “50 Best Wines of 2021” by Vinepair

Jan 07, 2022 255

When the figures for the end of 2021 arrive, they will confirm the United States as the leading partner for Italian wine exports. Because if, overall, Italian wine shipments are expected to exceed 7 billion euros for the first time, according to estimates (while Istat data for the first nine months record more than 5 billion euros, +15% on 2020), the USA will still take the lion’s share (we are already at 1.3 billion euros in the first three quarters of the year, up +23.6%). This is why the rankings coming from overseas are of particular importance for the market.

Like that, among others, of the popular portal “Vinepair”, which, at the end of 2021, published its “The 50 Best Wines of 2021”. Which, as often happens, rewards the quality and diversity of Italian wine. If at no. 1 overall, in fact, there is a Californian, namely the East Ridge Pinot Noir 2018 of Hirsch Vineyards, 9 out of 50 are Italian wines.

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