Cervinia: an enchanting place to sky in October

Nov 08, 2018 1071


Italy offers the possibility of places to ski even in the month of October, and this thanks to the presence of glaciers on the mountain range of the Alps that delimits the Italian territory to the north. One of these places is Cervinia which is located in Val d’Aosta. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of this magnificent mountain village where you can ski all year round. Here we will explain where Cervinia is located and describe its area. Finally we will talk about the possible ways to reach this mountain resort.

Cervinia is a mountain resort in the Valle d’Aosta, a region located in the north-west of Italy. It is one of the most famous locations for the practice of downhill skiing. In fact it is the undisputed capital of this sport. The winter season here lasts 6 months but even during the summer months it is possible to ski on the glacier Plateau Rosà . The history of skiing in Cervinia began eighty years ago with the construction of the first ski lift. Until that moment it was known all over the world as the cradle of heroic alpinism.

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