Columns of largest temple to be rebuilt in Selinunte

Oct 04, 2022 352

Three of the 16-meter-high columns of the G temple, the pride and joy of ancient Selinus, will be rebuilt to the Selinunte Archaeological Park. The holy building, which is as big as a soccer field, represented 2,600 years ago the monumental proof in stone of the power and richness of the glorious Greek colony founded by the men of Megara Hyblea.

Strongly promoted by the late archaeologist Sebastiano Tusa, the project to restore the columns of temple G, archeologist Oscar Mei of the University of Urbino told ANSA, will be the final step of a complex plan to study, restore and create a museum funded with five million euros by the outgoing Sicilian government, thanks to the passionate commitment of culture councilor Alberto Samonà.

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